Every season has it’s  own specialty and so does winter. With the season’s specialty comes its specialty in fruits and vegetables. Just like how mangoes are meant for summers so are the specific fruits and vegetables for winters. In a country like India we should make the most of our freshly grown fruits and vegetables. In this article we talk about 3  specific winter food specialties to churn into healthy juices for a winter detox.

1. Amla Or Indian Gooseberry For Winter Detox

The winter fruit Amla is like a magic potion for your skin and hair comprising of high levels of Vitamin C. Unfortunately this fruit is  only freshly available in winters but you might get packaged amla juice all around the year. This freshly available amla is something you shouldn’t miss, although, the taste of it is bitter and might be difficult to gulp down but the amla juice is definitely worth it.  It has innumerable health, skin and hair benefits, the most important being its property of blood purification. It works as magic for skin and hair and by consuming amla juice for the whole month you will find all your skin and hair problems solved. Avoid consuming amla juice post 6 pm as you might catch a cold. Half a glass of pure amla juice in the morning would work the best.

health juice_amla

2. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Orange stocks up from the month of October and is most freshly available in the month of December. Unlike the bitter amla, orange is very sweet and tasty. It is rich in Vitamin B & C and provides a lot of health and skin benefits. Oranges are like a blessing for the skin especially for making your skin look young and fresh, hence acting like an anti-aging ingredient. A freshly squeezed orange juice is tasty and healthy as a winter detox drink. Oranges contain a high sugar level, hence, people with diabetes or overweight problems should avoid it.


3. Carrot Juice For A Winter Detox

Carrot is another blossoming vegetable during winters which you cannot miss on. Most of the health facts state that carrot juice is more effective that eating raw carrots. This is again a not so pleasant taste juice but definitely better in taste than the amla juice. It has a lot of benefits for overall general health. When it comes to beauty benefits carrot juice helps in fighting skin aging, sun damage and scars or marks. It is also very beneficial in strengthening nails. Hence a glass of carrot juice would definitely be a health booster added to your diet.

health juice_carrot-juice

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