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What makes a great deodorant? It’s one of life’s necessities, especially as we head into the hottest part of the year, but how much do you really think about what you put under your arms? Don’t just think of deodorant as a boring necessity: with one of Habanna’s wide selection of products, you can make a deodorizing fragrance a great part of your daily beauty routine.

How Does Deodorant Deodorize?

Have you ever wondered how your deodorant does its job? In fact, it depends on what job your deodorant is doing! According to Men’s Health, there are two different (and often confused) products that both get called deodorant: actual deodorant, and antiperspirants.

It’s a common misconception that your sweat is the source of underarm smell: so common that the BBC itself decided to set the record straight in a recent story! Your sweat doesn’t have much of a scent on its own…but the warmth and dampness make your underarm area very attractive to bacteria. Those little guys aren’t dangerous, but they make the unpleasant odor, and they are the targets of deodorants. Deodorants help to eliminate those bacteria to keep the bad smells down and add their own refreshing scent on top.

Antiperspirants actually target the sweat itself: their job is more focused on reducing wetness and staining than odor (although they usually contain some pleasant scents and bacterial killers too.) The main ingredient of an antiperspirant is called an astringent: a powerful absorbing and drying chemical, usually the safe and harmless aluminum oxide. Astringents soak up sweat and block sweat ducts to keep everything dry and clean. And some of the best products on the market combine the two, drying and deodorizing in one package.


Roll, Stick or Spray-On?

The very first deodorants, which How Stuff Works tells us hit the market in 1888, were creams you smeared on by the handful. We’ve gotten a little more advanced since then, fortunately, and now you have a choice: roll it on, rub it on, or spray it on?

Spray deodorant lost a lot of popularity after the ban of CFCs, the propellant most spray cans used to do their thing. Chances are you’ve heard about them damaging the ozone layer. Spray-on deodorant has been making a comeback recently, using different propellants that don’t damage the atmosphere.

With that problem gone, what style of deodorant you use is really a matter of preference! Spray deodorants have some great scents—they also won’t leave behind that sticky residue like some stick deodorants or put marks on your clothes. On the other hand, stick deodorant is great for minimizing wetness and blocking up pores to keep the sweating down. Great brands like Burberry or Nina Ricci double as a subtle fragrance and have a huge range of options. Floral, sporty, warm and musky: no matter what your taste in fragrance, you can find a deodorant to fit your style.

Stick and roll-on deodorant is especially great for travel if you’re headed to the United States, or any of the other countries that limit the amount of liquid you can carry on to an airplane. There won’t be size limits to a solid like stick deodorants: don’t let liquid limits cramp your airport style.


What Does Habbana Have for You?

No matter whether you need to keep your scent fresh or stay dry, or whether you prefer sprays or sticks, Habbana offers you a selection of some of the best deodorants for women on the market. We don’t like to think of deodorants as a simple necessity: they’re a part of our fragrance line, keeping you fresh and sweet smelling. We’ve got seven top brands to choose from, like Nike, Nivea, and top-of-the line fragrances like Burberry and Armaf.

Lead an active life? Love spending your evenings in the gym, or your mornings jogging? We can help you find Nivea’s whitening Sports Deodorant for the strong protection, or save on a top brand name like Nike’s spray deodorant line. If you’re prone to breakouts or rashes, try out Nivea’s whitening deodorant for sensitive skin to keep yourself comfortable. Our selection of sizes and fragrances lets you pick and choose: get exactly what you need and what you want in protection, scent and style.


A Few Final Words

Deodorants have been around for almost 150 years, in one form or another, and you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. Browse Habanna’s revamped, remodeled website to save money on the best selection of all your favorite brands and fragrances. Make your fragrance a part of your style, whether it’s during the day, at the gym, or out for an evening of dancing.


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