Summers are here and here we bring to your mind, product reviews for the best hair care! I can assure you that all your hair care worries will be put to rest with Global Keratin products. This is one brand that believes in the ‘science of hair’ and with its deep research and efforts has infused its products with Juvexin (extracted from sheep wool through an environment-friendly process) to give its consumers the best hair care solutions. Here’s a list of Global Keratin products that need to be part of your hair care regime.

1.Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo

One of their most traditional and effective shampoo types. As I’ve always mentioned shampoo is the most basic and essential hair care which no one can afford to miss out on. However busy your lifestyle maybe, the use of an apt shampoo twice a week will keep your hair healthy and nourishing and the Global Keratin Balancing shampoo is the best choice as it maintains the right balance in your hair and scalp leaving it with a cooling sensation. For the best results don’t miss out on applying the Balancing Conditioner of the brand after rinsing off the shampoo. This shampoo can be used on normal to oily hair conditions.


2. Global Keratin Dry Shampoo

This is one product you should always keep in stock for emergency. A lot of times we find it difficult to make time for shampooing in the case of sudden plans or hectic schedules and in such cases a dry shampoo is always to your rescue. However, most dry shampoos either hamper the hair quality or are not effective at all but the Global Keratin dry shampoo has been tried and tested by me and it works! Just 2-3 sprays on the scalp refresh the hair to make it look gorgeous without any side effects due to its high protein quotient!


3.Global Keratin Serum

A serum is the most needed and basic styling product be it no hairstyle or a blow dry. Usually a serum is a temporary solution that adds shine to the hair but has side effects (just like any other chemical product) because of increasing the oil quotient in the hair. However, the Global Keratin serum is an exception breaking through this side effect, again because of the Juvexin protein in it which nourishes the hair along with giving it a temporary shine.





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