There is nothing as special as twinning with your better half. Gifts for him and her are the most exciting gifts. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, February is the season of love, shopping and gifts. Gift yourself as well as your better half a couple gift set this Valentine. Here are a few exciting ideas you can do. Rack your brains and make a couple gift set for him and her.

1. Couple T-shirts For Him And Her

Who said that men and women can’t wear similar clothing? T-shirts are something both the genders love to wear as they are comfy and casual. The trend of couple t-shirts has begun but very few boldly wear them. Many find it cheesy whereas many find it cute. This February lets pair together with couple T-shirts.

couple-tshirts - him and her       him and her couple

2. Perfumes For Him And Her

With the growing craze for perfumes, brands have made any initiative of producing a similar range of collection for men and women. Men and Women fragrances obviously differ but if they belong to the same collection there is some sort of similarity in terms of packaging and use of ingredients. This can be a very classy and appealing gift set for couples or to order for yourself and your loved one. For all those who want to avoid the cheesy gifts but want to stick to a couple gift this is the right choice. Habbana has made your job easier by segregating a separate section for him and her perfumes. Habbana includes a wide range of premium and luxury perfumes and has taken the effort of bringing together perfume pairs making a perfect him and her perfume kit. Order your him and her perfume combo now from Habbana online.

him and her couple-perfumes

3. Phone Covers As Gifts For Him And Her

In today’s digital age phone covers and laptop sleeves have become part of our accessory collection. Our phone covers depict our lifestyle, choices and favorites . More than laptop sleeves a phone cover has become a great trend in today’s time as your phone is inseparable from you, being your companion everywhere. Hence we all love accessorizing this companion with an exclusive phone cover. This time get rid of the girly and specifically men oriented covers by buying couple covers.

him and her-phone-covers        him and her-phone-cover

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