Bhai Dhooj is the last day of the 5 day long Diwali festival. The celebrations of this day are similar to Diwali. It’s a way of thanking one’s brother by calling him to your house and showering your love by cooking for him. On the other hand a brother pampers his sister by giving her gifts. Since all girls love beauty and cosmetics, shop for your sister from Habbana. We guide you on the best gifts you can buy for your sister on this occasion.

Perfumes For Gifting

Perfumes are the most convenient and useful gift for a girl. Perfumes are the easiest gift for a girl, they don’t have compulsory preferences like make-up or skincare products. Even if a girl has a specific choice of perfume she wouldn’t mind experimenting with a new fragrance. You could shop the best fragrances for your sister from Habbana fragrances depending on your budget.

Buy Make-Up Kits Online

At Habbana we have organised ready-made make-up combos and kits for gifting purposes. If you know your sister’s preferred brand you can pick one of the kits and gift her. An all in one make-up products is happiness for a girl and this Bhai Dhooj wrap it and gift it to her.

Bath & Body Products

Bath and body products are something a girl is very specific about depending on her skin type. But if you are aware of what products your sister uses you could make body wash, body lotion and body cream hamper. This would make your sister’s day!

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