Bhai Dooj is the festival for celebrating a brother-sister relation. On this occasion gift your brother something special, just like how he gifts you. It is often difficult to choose what to gift your brother, most sisters end up buying them chocolates. A lot of you must have even tried bringing them clothes and accessories but it might be a flop due to individual choices or size confusions.  But this Bhai Dooj gift them something they would cherish for a long time. We guide you on what you can gift your brother on Bhai Dooj.

1. Phone Covers

Phone covers are not just an accessory but a need for anyone to protect their phone (We all have dropped our phone at least once). It is something your brother would appreciate and use for sure. Even if he is selective about his covers he would definitely use it for a while as we all tend to change our phone covers every now and then. While buying a phone cover be very sure of his phone model. Nowadays we have a variety of phone covers available in the market (especially IPhone), you could also buy phone covers online from Habbana.

2. Perfumes For Men

Perfumes are the most convenient and safest (we are sure he will use it) fashion product to buy for men. No issues for sizes and preferences, we are sure your brother would experiment with a perfume even if he has not used it before. Our best sellers for male fragrances include Bvlgari Aqua Marine Pour Homme For Men and Christian Dior Homme For Men , available at discounted rates. Choose a perfume that would compliment your brother’s personality, as we believe a perfume enhances a man’s overall personality.

Usually a brother gifts his sister, but this Bhai Dooj make it special and surprising for your brother 😀

Fancy Phone Covers

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