Diwali is almost here and we are sure you are caught up with end moment preparations! All of your dresses and accessories must be ready, but don’t compromise on your skin. This Diwali glow brighter than the Dias, follow our tips for healthy skincare.

blog_facetoner1. Why Use A Toner

A toner is the perfect deep cleanser for your skin. After using a face wash the use of a toner will penetrate deep into your skin removing all the dirt and grime and hydrating your skin. A toner makes your skin ready for moisturization. However a toner cannot be used in your daily beauty regime. Hence it is an add on for your festival skincare making you look as fresh as the early morning sun.






blog_face-mask2. How Does A Face Mask Help

A face mask is the best festive skin remedy before the festival. It is just like a home facial.Choose a face mask according to your skin type and skin problems, for example-for tanning use a tan removal mask. A mask is definitely a better option than a peel as a peel can make your skin dry. Apply the mask two nights before the festival ,the mask might take a day to settle down and cause redness for a day, hence, avoid applying it end moment.




blog_bleach3. Why Bleach

A lot of women face facial hair problems be it upper lip,forehead,chin or side locks. Bleach is the solution to get rid of this. A bleach not only lightens the dark black hair but also gives you a clearer complexion and glow. You should apply the bleach at least two days before the festival ,giving it time to settle down. Apply the bleach on your neck as well for an even skin tone.


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