Each flight journey varies with its time durability but each flight journey takes you to a different location from your general setting. Flight journeys are usually drowsy and most women prefer to wear no makeup or are confused what makeup to wear when on flight. Well, it’s perfectly fine to be in your comfort zone when on the flight but make sure to carry the right beauty products to make sure that you look on fleek post the flight landing. Here are a few suggestions for flight makeup essentials you need to carry while travelling.

1.BB Cream For Your Flight Makeup

Due to the cold temperature in the flight your skin would get dry and dull. Hence, apply a BB cream when you are about to get off the flight to moisturize your face. BB creams comprise of a decent amount of SPF that would give you sun protection as soon as you are out of the airport.  Apart from this a BB cream would give your face a glow to prevent the drowsy flight mood look on your face.

2. Mascara For Your Flight Makeup

During long flight journeys people tend to fall asleep or watch movies. These either make the eyes look drowsy or strained and this look of your eyes is what makes your face look dull. If not wanting to get into the hassles of looking into a hand sized compact mirror to apply a smooth line of eyeliner and the rest of the eye makeup, I suggest the best thing is to just carry a mascara along. Application of a mascara is easy, quick and awakens your eye lashes giving your eyes an instant fresh and active appearance.

3.Colored Lip Balm For Your Flight Makeup

Keeping in mind the cold flight temperature as mentioned above don’t forget the dried up lips. Dry lips might start tearing, hence, immediately apply a lip balm once you land. A lip balm would moisturize your lips and it’s spf would give your lips sun protection. Remember to carry a colored lip balm that would also do the job of enhancing your lips like a lipstick would do.

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