With the holidays coming up, keeping your hair on-point may be more important now than ever. Social activities and occurrences are starting to pile up, the parties are being planned, and people’s styles are being criticized. To make sure you and your hair are the envy of the crowd, you have to figure out exactly what product you need!

When you’re a proud femme, choosing the right wax, pomade, or hair gel for women isn’t done half-heartedly – and at Habbana, we’re passionate about making sure you get not just what you want, but what you need, too. So, heed these tips and be the talk of your group!

Figure Out Your Hair Type

Every woman should know what her hair type is, but it isn’t hard to figure out if you don’t already know. Knowing exactly what your hair needs depends on its condition, and applying the wrong products to the wrong hair type is a recipe for disaster – in fact, you could end up losing your hair! Although it’s thought of as a male issue, Beauty World News notes that 40% of women suffer from visible hair loss, most of it due to mistreatment. Here’s a couple pointers for each type:

For Healthy But Delicate Hair

For women with thin, wispy, but healthy hair, harsh and heavy products aren’t really an option. Wash your hair with shampoo that focuses on giving your hair the most bang for its buck in terms of nutrition and volume – products that emphasize cellulose and polymers, proteins and royal jelly.

For an after-shower style, go for a mousse. Fine hair likes things that add texture and volume, and certain products specialize in it.

When Your Hair is delicate and brittle

Damaged hair has a lot to do with how you treat your follicles – get products that are scalp-friendly! Shampoos and conditioners with natural hair and skin nutrients like zinc and keratin help keep your hair as healthy as you can, without making your strands go limp.

For When You’ve Got Just the Right Volume

Medium-thick hair is easier to work with than most other types, and it’s the envy of the other ends of the hair type spectrum. So count yourself lucky! You can use practically anything, depending on your mood. Choose your brand of thickening lotion for more volume, hair gel for a better sheen, or keratin oil for healthier, luscious strands!

Brittle, But Strong

Medium-thick hair most often gets damaged due to too much heat through blow drying, or too much chemical treatment and bleaching. In both cases, feeding your hair the right stuff requires giving it the right building blocks – hair protein, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and cellulose. If you’re part of the lucky 11 percent (according to HairBoutique.com) with naturally curly hair, make sure you use stylers that keep shape but don’t frizz out your coils.

For The Luscious Strands

Thick, heavy, healthy hair can produce some of the most beautiful styles when treated right. But, to treat it right, you need to make sure you’re giving your hair the right products. Thick hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as thin or medium-thick hair – twice a week works just fine, and keeps your strands on-point.

Coconut oil and cacao butter products help keep hair moist by retaining water with its oily properties, without making your hair seem too greasy. Moroccan oil and Argan oil are popular ingredients that can sync up perfectly with your hair.

Dealing with Truly Unruly Hair

When your hair is thick but damaged, dealing with it is a daily battle against what feels like strands of rebellious iron. If you’ve done battle with straighteners and have spent collective days blow-drying your hair, the fight only gets worse.

Pamper your hair with oils that contain medium-chain fatty acids that go deeper through the various layers of your scalp and strands – avocado oil, coconut oil, and wheat germ are excellent examples. You don’t need force, you need nourishment! Avoid products that strengthen your hair, though. While they’re good for damaged thin and medium hair, they’ll take the bouncy flexibility out of thick hair types.

Gel, Pomade, or Wax?

As the Telegraph noted, a woman goes through 104 hairstyles in a lifetime on average. That’s a total hair makeover about twice a year – and with the wrong methods, that gives your hair a lot of opportunity to get damaged. Once you’ve dealt with keeping your hair healthy, you need to figure out what you want to do with your hair over the holidays.

Gel hardens slightly depending on its strength, and gives your hair the most sheen – wax lets you stay matte, while keeping shape without as much hold. Pomades are for dry hair – they’re usually water-based, so they wash out easier than the other two types. Avoid pomades when you’ve got thick hair, though, as you’re better off with a stronger styler, or a moisturizing spray.

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