India is a land of festivities and diverse cultures and just to make it colorful here comes the most awaited- Holi festival. Celebrated in the midst of the March month, this festival is the most exciting one for kids to adults. Ignoring the ‘be safe, play safe’ Holi whatsapp messages everyone is just on the go of splashing ice cold water and not to forget almost all the color types and shades on each other to embrace the colorful festival. From the flashy golden color to the sober pink color nothing is untouched on your skin and hair. Just here is where we are concerned! Indulge in the festival but keep in mind our festival Holi skin care precautions.

1.Apply a Face Gel

This is the best alternative to make sure the color and its chemicals don’t penetrate inside your skin. Apply an excess amount of face gel on your face to Report create a protective covering on your face or any allergic part of your skin. Since a skin gel is sticky in nature it wouldn’t blend in with your skin like a lotion or cream would. Hence the Holi colors would stick onto the gel and while cleansing your face the colors would easily get washed out along with the gel without touching your skin.


2.Organic Colors For Holi Skin Care Precautions

Just to be more cautious and skin friendly use organic colors this Holi! It might be very difficult to convince your friends and family but it’s worth it. Since organic colors are chemical free it is the best option to play freely and safely with organic colors. Since the importance of using organic makeup or other organic products has come in need, there are also organic colors easily available in the market for a happy and safe Holi.


3.Face Cleansing For Holi Skin Care Precautions

A lot of people get lazy to cleanse their face thoroughly after playing Holi. Skin cleansing post the Holi festival is something which should not be avoided by any chance. The Holi colors that you might think will fade away in a few days actually penetrate into your skin causing adverse effects to your skin. Hence, don’t miss out on getting all the color cleansed out of your skin on the same day itself. We suggest to use a face scrub for washing away the colors and chemicals.


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