Are you a makeup freak but hesitate from applying it at the cost of your skin? No worries! precautions always help and create a preventive barrier for your skin. Anything external touched on the skin might have some side effects on it. Hence, this time we felt the need of an expert advice by one of the best dermatologist in the city- Charisma Kedia. We’ve listed down her tips on precautions while applying makeup.

Dr Charisma Kedia ( Dermatologist, Cosmetologist And Trichologist)-Makeup seems like the essential of even as young as college kids these days. Few thing to keep in mind would take you a long way while not compromising on your skin quality-

  • Always keep in mind your skin type before applying makeup. For instance, oily skin would require some loose powder to mattify the natural oils of the face. Blush for oily skin should be powder based too, while dry skin ladies can use cream based or cheek stain blushes.
  • During the day always use a sunscreen or BB cream before applying your makeup as sun protection is of utmost importance.
  • Using a primer on the entire face including eyelids helps to get a better finish. Lip primers are also available, moisturize your lips regularly to keep them supple.
  • Always remove your makeup at night before hitting the bed as it is very important to let your skin breathe
  • Don’t ever burst a pimple as it leaves back scars. It’s advisable to use a small amount of antibiotic cream recommended by your dermatologist on your pimple followed by foundation few minutes later.
  • Last but not the least keep a good track of the expiry dates of your cosmetics and try avoiding to share your makeup with too many people and regularly wash and air dry your makeup brushes for the most basic hygiene.

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