Because smudginess the next morning is not as attractive

What goes up has to come down – and while this statement may not always stand by its meaning, it certainly holds true for eye makeup. Today, makeup has become an integral part of dressing up. Be it a formal meeting, a casual party or anything in between, it is a rarity for a woman to not decorate their appearance with beauty enhancement products. Numerous brands have introduced a variety of products designed for specific skin types, skin tones and complexions.

While products like mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow are used by scores of women, it is also essential that, at the end of the day, one is able to remove them with as little irritation as possible and without leaving behind what is commonly called panda or racoon eyes. There are makeup removers meant for application on faces, but they are not ideal for the eyes. This is because they contain allergy causing constituents that, if come in contact with one’s eyes, can cause discomfort and botheration. Scrubbing could lead to lash fallout and, a severer repercussion, eye infection.

Eyes, in addition to lips, are where the first signs of aging appear, as noted by Some eye makeup removers are known to provide a more vivacious and youthful appearance, which effectively keep away the demons of aging – wrinkles and fine lines. While some women wash their makeup with soap, getting it in one’s eyes can be painful and extremely displeasing. If one isn’t able to wipe away all the makeup, what remains overnight can cause irritation and redness. Continuously rubbing the eyes can also cause the appearance of wrinkles.

Eye makeup remover works by dissolving the sticky compounds – that keep the makeup long lasting – which can then be removed by wiping the mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow off. Additionally, these removers can also be used as a cooling agent that helps in treating puffiness of eyes.

How to effectively remove eye makeup

To minimise pain and irritation, Birchbox recommends a few kinds of removers one can use to wipe away eye makeup without little or no side effects. For women who use waterproof mascara that is extremely difficult to remove, it is best to go with an oil based remover. One should rub a little bit of oil on their closed eyelids for a few seconds and wipe it with a flat cotton pad. For women who are more vulnerable to rashes or infection, cleansing water is an ideal choice. This effectively removes lighter eye makeup. A dual phase remover, which contains oil and antioxidant rich water, offers the best of both worlds. While the oil removes the tough pigment, the antioxidant water part serves as a soothing agent for the skin surrounding the eye. Gel based removers are the best option for removing eyeliners. They are not as thin as cleansing water, which prevents them from dripping into the eye and causing irritation. Several women use wipes to get rid off of eye makeup. Nevertheless, one should ensure that they buy wipes that are fragrance and alcohol free. Some wipes that are specifically designed to remove facial makeup can cause irritation to the skin around the eye.

Some of the several ingredients most commonly found in eye makeup removers include, but are not limited to, glycerine, benzyl alcohol, allantoin, botanical ingredients, sodium chloride, butylene glycol and mineral oils. To select the ideal remover for oneself, they should see whether the makeup is wiped away after two or three swipes. If the makeup still can’t be removed, one should consider opting for a different one.

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