Details can make or break a look, but in order to achieve a successful aesthetic, you have to wear them the right way. Makeup, jewelry, and accessories can’t just be thrown together randomly, but have to be carefully considered. Once you learn how to successfully combine different embellishments, however, these style hacks are deceptively simple.


  1. Statement Earrings

The trend of statement earrings worn in only one ear, usually made of crystal is up. This trend has appeared on runways this year, and is one of the hottest, most fashion-forward ways to wear earrings. You can buy earrings online in India right here at Habbana where you’ll find many statement styles to suit your needs. If wearing only a single earring isn’t your kind of trend, you might try an ear cuff. This type of accessory can stand on its own as only a single piece of jewelry, and the adornment still puts you on-trend.


  1. Nail Polish

If you want designer nails but you don’t want to pay a fortune, check your toiletries bag for bobby pins. Do up your nail art by starting with one base color, and then using bobby pins as a tool to add embellishments, such as polka dots or small gems. We offer many different shades of nail polish at the best prices online. If you want to go bold, pair a shade like pink with a complementary green. Due to the fact that our polishes are by high-end manufacturers, the colors wear well. Unique nail art adds a little pep to your look as a detail.


  1. Light Up Your Face

Bright colors for eyes and lips are all the rage right now, but in order to wear these bold hues properly, you need to apply them in moderation. The best way to apply neon makeup, for example, is to be minimal but bold, using only a single streak of bright eyeliner. If you want to go for something more low key, opt for our metallic liners. While using the single streak is still advisable, eyeliners in metallic blues or greens are easier to pair with other more subtle makeup palettes.


  1. Golden Gladiator Sandals

Shoes can make a big statement when it comes to an outfit, but when you go for the gold rather than neutral, it can complete an entire look. One of this summer’s must-have trends are gladiator sandals. The pair of metallic gold, show stopping sandals she chose were so elaborate that she didn’t even need to wear jewelry.


  1. Pumping Up Basics with Bracelets

If you don’t always feel like treating the sidewalk as a runway but want to remain stylish, elaborate bracelets are the way to go. Whether you opt to stack bangles or don a heavy, elaborate cuff, it adds a punch to your look. Stardust praises actress Shraddha Kapoor’s versatile looks, noting in particular that her simple aesthetic of traditional aviator sunglasses, slouchy bag, and black sneakers is offset well by a structured white watch and bangle. If you want to venture out in a simple tee but still retain a sense of style, a statement bracelet is a great way to achieve this result. Try one of our animal print faux-fur handcuffs or a more modern wire bracelet. Whether you’re channeling frilly and feminine, or structured and industrial, bracelets are a simple style hack that can transform any look.


  1. Be Bold with Sunglasses

Retro is indubitably in this season, especially the 1970s with embroidered, slouchy bags and round sunglasses lenses. While you might prefer to play it safe with a classic style of sunglasses such as aviators or wayfarers, it’s time to get wild if the rest of your look is tame. Sunglasses are particularly effective at taking your look to another level, since they’re one of the most noticeable accessories that you’ll wear. This is due to the fact that they’re worn on the face, which is usually where the eye is drawn. If you want to play with this part of your look, try a round retro lens such as our Honey style, or go chic with a bug frame in animal print or patterns.

Tweaking your style is as simple as switching up accessories and pairing particular types of garments with unexpected visual points of interest. Putting together an outfit that combines a basic tee with an elaborate bracelet takes you from being a fashion bystander to style icon. Be adventurous in how you wear your jewelry, makeup, and other accessories, and do so with confidence. The most stylish women in the world don’t stand out because they have the most expensive designer duds, but rather, because they know how to build an outfit using well-chosen embellishments.

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