With the exposure to shows like “Vampire Diaries” and also the path-breaking movie series “Twilight Saga” vampires are in vogue. They have lost the tag of being considered as ‘scary’ or ‘creepy’ by causing such a high sex appeal. They have started a new make-up trend portraying Bold, Sensationally Romantic, Mysterious and Hot features. The vampire lips have had a strong influence on the Spring/Summer 2016 make-up trend. If you feel you suffice any of the above features, follow our vampire lips guide to wear yourself.

1. Choose The Right Shade

Vampire lips comprise of Gothic shades. The darkest shades in the palette – Black, Maroon, Violet. Oxy-blood is the most common and suitable shade to create the vampire lips. Its one of those shades that would make a women look utterly gorgeous and confident. The lipstick shade should be a bit glossy to give a shine. We suggest the Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color (023 Wow shade) available on our website at a discounted rate of Rs 690.


2. Begin With A Lip Liner

Vampire lips have to be perfect, not an inch here or there. Hence, to get the perfection use a lip liner to line the sides of your lips. Use a mink brown colored lip liner regardless of any lipstick shade you use. The mink brown color would blend with all gothic shades. We suggest the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner (Choco Pop 750 shade) available at a discounted rate of Rs 295 on our website.

3. Even Tone Lip Color

As mentioned above the vampire lips have to be perfect. Hence, while applying the lipstick shade make sure you apply it in just one stroke. This is the tough job when it comes to creating vampire lips. Begin from the right side root of your upper lip and don’t stop before you reach the right side root of your lower lip. Even if the lipstick shade strokes out of your lip line, it’s OK. Wipe the extra bit out later with a tissue paper. If you are mixing two colors to create a shade, do that beforehand and apply the shade in just one stroke.


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