Waxing is probably the most irritating regime for I’m sure every girl…. but we definitely can’t do without it! I’m sure most of you’ll would be just like me delaying it unless and until you’re at the verge of an occasion where you have to drag yourself to the parlor and go through the pain of waxing! But I believe the service of waxing has now become more of a luxury regime with high end parlors  introducing Rica Wax. So, gone are the days when we used the regular beeswax! Rica is an Italian cosmetic company providing high quality innovative body care products specially made out of Sicily and its volcano Mt. Etna. The brand’s most path breaking product- Rica Wax provides an unforgettable beauty experience and in this article, we tell you why to choose Rica Wax!

1.Multiple Beauty Care Through Rica Wax

Usually the job of wax is hair removal but the Rica wax provides an all in one beauty service with not only removing unwanted hair on the skin but also- skin lightening and tan removal as well as moisturizing.

2.No Stickiness And Pain free

We often hesitate from waxing because while pulling the wax from the skin one would feel a sensation of the hair being plucked out harshly. The good news is that Rica wax is totally painless, its smooth texture refrains it from sticking to the skin while at the same time penetrating to catch hold of the roots of the hair. It is made of 98% natural ingredients, avoiding any kind of excessive chemicals. Hence the hair is easily pulled off from the skin without any stickiness or pain.

3.Variety Of Flavors And Specifications

What makes any beauty product exciting is flavors and fragrances and Rica Wax makes your waxing regime exciting through providing a variety flavors, the best being ‘white chocolate’ and ‘dark chocolate’ flavors. You can also choose a particular Rica wax according to your skin type be it sensitive, dry or a regular one for all skin types.

4.After Care Pampering

It’s not the start and end to it with your smooth waxing , Rica provides pre and post waxing lotions, oils and gels for the best results and these pampering products have a pleasant long lasting fragrance to give your skin an ultimate ravishing finish! These products include a wide variety of fragrances and are specific to skin type just like the wax.

5.Highly Priced Products

With all these beauty benefits comes the expense which is quite exorbitant compared to other hair removal wax brands. An 800-ml box of Rica wax along with waxing strips is priced around Rs 2000 and last for up to 4 months. However, at various e-commerce sites like Habbana you get the same products at discounted rates.



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