There is something to be said about keeping clean and making sure those around you aren’t affected by the smell of your body odor, and to be perfectly honest, it might be one of the hardest things that you ever do. After all, body odor does just sort of creep up on us, and it’s not always the simplest thing to stop. It can come from anywhere, actually. It might be your arms, your legs, your head, but the most common place for body odor, or “BO”, to emanate from, will be your underarms, which can be a problem whether you’re outside, inside, or somewhere in between.

Why Does Body Odor Happen?

Body odor is simply a product of bacteria—mostly healthy bacteria, that is—present in the sweat glands. It is usually the direct result of being active. For some people, body odor will occur when they have simply taken a walk. For others, it is the result of heavy exercise or strenuous activity. Essentially, you are dealing with sweat, coming from your pores, likely under your arms, and creating an unpleasant smell as it mingles with your skin oils and eventually becomes airborne as your sweat dries. The problem occurs when everyone around you can smell it. Just taking a shower isn’t enough, either; the odor can attach itself to your clothing and quickly becomes more noticeable. The best time to use deodorant is immediately after you wash, shower, or swim.

Seal in the Scent

Deodorant is without a doubt one of the most popular home hygiene products, and with good reason. You can start by putting it on your underarms, and this will help to negate the sweat that might have otherwise appeared. This serves a few different purposes, actually. First of all, you will find that it not only seals in the scent, it also keeps your clothing from becoming ruined. Most clothing is delicate, and underarm sweat is nowhere near kind to the material. Did you know that just thirty years ago it was common to sew padding into the underarms of clothing to make sure that they were not ruined by body odor and sweat? Things have changed, but the need is still the same. Deodorant is definitely able to pick up some of the slack. As you can see, it is far more than just an air freshener.

By any other Name

Deodorant comes in many different forms and goes by many different names. The most popular, for example, is still the white powder form that does a great job sealing in the body odor. If you want to take it a step further, however, you might want to consider one of the gel based deodorants which are becoming far more plentiful. If you choose to use of these, however make sure that you are not allergic to the gel as this will only serve to cause irritation which may lead to a hospital visit later on. Finally, there are aerosol deodorants which you can use to apply a quick coat to yourself. Something to keep in mind, however, is that aerosol is considered harmful to the environment. There are spray-on deodorants that don’t use dangerous chemical propellants, though, so you can still be green and smell great.

Length of Stay

The type of deodorant you choose to make use of will depend upon the activities that you undertake on a daily basis. How active are you? What is it that you do? What is the environment like where you live? These are all questions that you will need to ask when you are choosing your deodorant. You will find that there are several different types available such as regular, extra strength, sport, and more. Buy the one that suits your lifestyle the most. You can buy deodorant online right here at Habbana if you want to see and choose from a broad range of types.

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Gender Based Choices

Like most other products on the market, Deodorant is segregated by gender, but in this case it is mostly the scent that makes all the difference. The male deodorant typically has more of a musky smell, while women’s deodorant features more of a flower fragrance, as is typically preferred. The pH of male and female bodies also comes into play.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to think about when it comes to making sure that you have the right deodorant, but in the end, you want something that will keep you from smelling awkward in social situations. It can be a tall order, but in the end, not entirely impossible. Take a look at our selection and see what it can do to bring your odor down to a more acceptable level. By masking the smell or eliminating it altogether, you are doing yourself and those around you a great favor.

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