Miss Claire is a cosmetics brand known for its skin care and high European standards. It is best known for its distinctive bright colours and skincare. The Miss Claire Lip Cream is just the right choice for your daily as well as party lip wear. Miss Claire lip creme is one product we highly recommend if u like being trendy and bright. Hence,in this article we talk about the Miss Claire Matte Lip Cream specialties and about why should you choose it.

Matte and Glossy

Usually Matte lipsticks are difficult to apply as they dry soon and get patchy. But the Miss Claire Matte Lip Cream is unique, it is a matte lipstick with a glossy feel. While applying, it gives the ease of a gloss but the output is that of a matte touch lipstick. Usually a gloss is very easy to apply as it slips on the lips easily where as a matte lipstick needs to be dabbed a lot of times and might get patchy.  Hence this lip cream is very consumer friendly and easy to use. It also includes a wide range of bright and gorgeous shades.

Long Lasting Miss Claire Lip Cream

Since the Miss Claire Matte Lip Cream has a glossy ease it does not dry up soon. Just like how a cream is long lasting, this lip cream will stay on your lips for at least 6-7 hours.

Easily Washable Lip Cream

Make-up removal is generally a pain. Even though this lip cream is long lasting it is easy to remove by a general make-up remover.

Miss Claire Online

Miss Claire products including the Miss Claire Matte Lip Cream is readily available online at Habbana at an exclusive offer of buy 4 at the price of 3.


Miss Claire Lip Cream

There are 43 shades of the Miss Claire Lip Cream shades available at Habbana Online.You can choose your preferred shade for the right occasion.

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