We have reached the second month of the dashing 2017 and the day of love is almost here- Valentine’s Day. I have always been confused about this day- Is it just meant for couples? or is it expressing love for any relation regardless your better half or not? Well, let’s just assume this day  as each to its own….whether you’re going out on a romantic candle light date, a Valentine’s day party, or just a chatter lunch/dinner with your girls, here’s our guide for the best Valentine’s Day makeup. It’s an occasion and that too of something so special as love so you definitely have to look your best!

1.  Red Lipstick

The color of love- red, has to be a part of your look and the best form of red shade makeup is the standard red lipstick.  People generally think of red lipstick as a night shade or a very loud shade, some even call it tacky or typical. This is actually false, use a right technique to apply red lipstick. First of all pick out the brightness of your red lipstick according to your skin tone and use a lip liner and lipstick to make it look accurate. Hence the right red shade and proper application will give you the perfect Valentine red lips.


2. Mascara

Be it any occasion or special day the first concern that you need to keep in mind is looking fresh and I think application of mascara gives the eyes a get up by awakening the eye lashes. Even if you have had less sleep, dark circle problems, a stressful day ,mascara, is always to your rescue to get rid of dull eyes. Hence, this Valentine’s Day don’t miss out on applying mascara before you get out to celebrate this day of love.


3. Blushed Cheeks For Valentine’s Day

Last but not the least don’t miss out on adding some blush pink/ red colour to your cheeks. Since it’s the day of love you have to get the blush on your face. Blush inside out and to show it dab a smooth mixture of blush powder or blush cream to get rosy red cheeks.



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