Loreal hair care and hairstyling has made its mark in the industry and a major population of India believes in it strongly. The brand has three  professional divisions- Loreal Professional, Kerastase and Matrix.  Loreal Professional is just as the name suggest for the professionals in the field of hair care and hair styling and their products, services and techniques are a guide to most of the salon professionals. Loreal Professional products are used in almost more than half of the salons in Mumbai like Enrich salon. Hence, in this article we talk about the top Loreal Professional products you can use to get salon like treatment at home.

1. Loreal Professional Liss Unlimited Shampoo

This shampoo is the best option for frizzy hair. It is infused with keratin oil, kukui nut oil and evening primrose oil. The shampoo states to give the hair a 4 day long frizz free look with resistance to a maximum of 80% level of humidity. Daily use of this shampoo smoothens, controls frizz, nourishes and adds shine to the hair. It is a bit highly priced at Rs 575 but has a good quantity which would easily last for a month making your hair rid of all it’s frizziness.


2. Liss Unlimited Shine Serum

Blow drying is the best everyday to do hair style as it doesn’t make your hair look overdone, just gives it a simplistic elegant look. Blow drying  gets its get up with a hair serum and the Loreal Professional Liss Unlimited Shine Serum is a specialized blow drying serum. Just like the Liss Unlimited shampoo this serum helps control frizz and adds instant smoothness and shine to the hair. The serum is priced  at an affordable cost of Rs 650 and would last for at least 2 and a half months.


3. Rich Oil Mythic Oil

Oiling the hair is one the most ancient and traditional hair care regime and Loreal Professional highlights and strengthens the product by introducing the Rich Oil Mythic Oil which is definitely the best choice for a pre-massage scalp wash. The oil comprises of argan oil and rice bran oil which not only controls frizz but also nourishes the hair making it healthier and beautiful. The Mythic oil is highly priced at Rs 950 but consist of good quantity which would last for a month.

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