Floral fragrances are just so girl like. They either smell of a single flower or a bunch of different flowers infused together. They are like a smile to the sunshine in Mumbai’s hot weather. But just to be careful a very strong floral fragrance can be a disaster and can end up giving you sneezes. It is important to choose a subtle floral fragrance for yourself. Hence we’ve listed down the top floral fragrances for a beautiful hot day.

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist

This body mist is not only featured for its fragrance but also contains nourishing ingredients for your skin. It’s long lasting fragrance will take over all the sweat making you smell beautifully floral. Infused with aloevera and chamomile yet giving the feel of succulent red plum and sweet freesia, this one does justice to its name-seduction. It is attractive and unique without effort. It is more day like as it has a very subtle fragrance .Its poured in a floral printed plastic bottle which can be easy to carry. (available at a discounted rate of Rs729 on our website)

Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose For Women

This is more of an elegant floral fragrance. It can be used for a formal event. It has a light faded smell of rose giving a luxurious feel. It is deep and feminine. Having a strong enough fragrance two-three sprays on your clothing can suffice for 3-4 hours.(available at a discounted rate of Rs2650 on our website)

Gucci Flora For Women

This is a floral fragrance for a grand event. It’s concept is royalty and is a perfect go for the ‘cool classics’. It’s scent is that of a mixed bouquet with rose and citrus being dominant. Featured with a very strong fragrance one-two sprays on your clothing would suffice for 4-6 hours. The perfume bottle is very well designed, even, to add to your room decor.(Available at a discounted rate of Rs4000 on our website)

Floral Fragrances


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