Are you fearless and bold enough to experiment with your hair? Recently I’ve just been seeing so many videos about women chopping off their hair completely, going viral on social media and it just makes me so happy to see their courage and boldness. The trend of the typical straight hair as being the prettiest has been broken through and just like how women like to dress according to their personality in the same way they have started making their hair according to their comfort and personality and I believe it looks stunning on them. Whenever I think about bold and avant-garde haircuts and hairstyles, the only brand that comes to my mind is Bblunt.

1. The Bblunt Journey

The brand has a pretty impressive story to it and their website portrays their journey in the most creative way. Check it out- . From the enthusiastic and young age of 16, Adhuna Bhabani had made up her mind to change the way people style their hair. She aimed at experimenting with bold hairstyles that would bring about a change not only in the hair styling industry but also in the societal point of view. Hence if your are looking out for an exclusive hair cut, choose Bblunt. Bblunt salons are spread across India ,  book your appointment now!


2.  Products

Along with hair styling , the brand takes hair care very seriously and has paid very close attention on creating products apt for the Indian hair type. Another factor that they have kept under consideration while creating the products, is, the Indian weather especially the hot and humid climate of Mumbai that has harmful effects on the hair. The Bblunt hair care product range includes the most basic hair care products like shampoos as well as professional hair styling products. Dry hair , frizzy hair or any hair care problems the cure lies in Bblunt hair care products.

3.  Branding

I just love the Bblunt creativity in every way be it their services, products or branding. The first and most exciting aspect of the brand is the way it has packaged its products. The Bblunt products are packaged in vibrant colored fancy looking bottles which make them look fashionable and attractive. The brand has also created a very ‘cool’ and ‘casual yet trendy’ vibe through its branding style which is in sync with the brand’s hair style goals.

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