Sunglasses aren’t only for summer, but it’s one of the biggest style statements of the season. This accessory is synonymous with its namesake, as well as hot weather, luxe designs, and an endless variety of frames.They’re one of the easiest accessories to use to express yourself since they come in so many different styles and colors, but knowing how and when to wear certain types is essential. Here are five hot sunglasses trends that every stylish woman in India is wearing this summer.


  1. Retro Rewind

POPSUGAR reports that this summer’s trends have focused heavily on retro styles, both for accessories as well as clothing. Therefore, sunglasses that incorporate mirrored lenses, patterned frames, and round shapes are all the rage. The 1970s became particularly trendy for fashionistas across India this year. Look no further than Habbana when you’re shopping online for sunglasses to find this trend at a reasonable price, since we stock retro, round lens style sunglasses in multiple colors to suit any outfit or palette. Round lenses work especially well for that boho chic look. You can go even further and try out a shape that’s octagonal if you’re looking for something a little bit more edgy.


  1. Cat Eye Drama

Not everyone is in the market for current trends or the wild boho look. If your style is more aligned with classic sophistication, opt for a pair of vintage-style sunglasses. For example, Vogue India suggests dressing up basics with a pair of killer sunglasses, pairing dramatic cat-eye frames with a low-key ensemble. Our Noir Night eyewear channels this same classy, sharp glamour at an affordable price. Another useful aspect of dressing up in the dramatic aesthetic is that you can pair these sunglasses with almost any outfit to take your style savvy up a notch. Whether you’re donning low-key basics or out for a night of partying, glamour always spells sexy sophistication. If you always want to look the part of a movie star, these are the frames for you.


  1. Citrus Blast

Colored lenses are in this summer. Whether you opt for a fun pink shade or something punchy like orange, colored sunglasses are the name of the fashion game right now. In order to wear this funky trend the right way, Huffington Post India recommends spicing up your outfit by including fruity color lenses. Don’t go overboard with the rest of your ensemble if you’re planning on trying some brightly colored eye wear, though. While this doesn’t mean you can’t do patterns or even other colors, don’t opt for too bright and over the top in the rest of your outfit. Try complementary colors, or a single pattern in a subtle place. For example, go for some bright blue lenses and pair it with a pair of patterned sandals or a belt. Don’t go overboard and outfit yourself in an acid green tie-dyed maxi dress with orange sunglasses. While the retro look is in, the number one rule of style is to never let the look wear you. You must always wear the look.


  1. Vintage Glamour

One of this year’s top fashion trends is sporting vintage styles, including key elements such as clean cuts, feminine silhouettes, and restrained elegance. If you’re a no fuss, basics kind of woman, but you still like a little punch to your look, try some vintage styles. There’s no better way to spell sophistication than channeling elegance. Our Catty Chic frames adopt a classic style and incorporate animal print, a classic element of good, old-fashioned glamour.


  1. Timeless Aviators

If you want to be stylish but not garish, aviators are definitely the way to go. Known around the world as a staple style, these are the sunglasses that will never go out of fashion. They notoriously look good on every face shape for both men and women, and add a careless, slick aesthetic. They provide excellent coverage from the sun if you’re also looking for function right alongside fashion. While the other styles on this list get the job done, aviators are especially effective at shading the eyes. If you’re sold on the shape, but you still want to incorporate some of this season’s trends to punch it up, go for colored lenses. We offer aviators in lenses every hue of the rainbow, a trend that’s particularly popular this summer. Stick with the aviator frame, but go for a pink or blue lens, and you’ll look both slick as well as on-trend.

We offer a wide variety of sunglasses for every occasion, taste, and season. Whether you want to be on-trend and channel the boho, free-spirited 1970s look, or default to old-fashioned vintage shapes for maximum sophistication, we have it all. Shopping online for sunglasses also means that you have a wider variety of options. Browse through our substantial selection styles to see which ones are right for you.

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