The most short and crisp month of the year ,February, is here and Valentine’s day lingers love throughout this month with various colors. Valentine colors are so contradictory and confusing just because of different opinions and it often bewilders me when I read such color descriptions which don’t relate to reality . For example I’ve read a zillion times that color ‘ white’ stands for already booked or not available but isn’t it funny that ,literally, white color would mean a blank page waiting for someone to fill it with colors? and would thus be considered a welcoming color? Well, let’s just  assume that everyone has their own descriptions for colors, but in the language of makeup colors that add brightness, suit or look good for the occasion are the colors of Valentine’s day. This brings me to the need of listing down 3 colors that can be part of your makeup palette for Valentine’s day.

1.  Standard Red Color For Valentine’s Day

The color of love as they call it at times and sometimes also call it the color of anger. Whatever it might stand for, but I think red color is one shade that suits all complexions and skin types. Just one aspect that you need to keep in mind is the brightness of the red shade according to your skin type. A lot of people confuse red color shades with maroon colors, please avoid doing that. Red in itself is one of those colors that is bright and bold at the same time.  According to color psychology color red has a very high sex appeal  and provokes feelings of attraction for the onlooker, I think this is actually true looking at how a red shade lipstick adds to the beauty of women. If not lipstick, I have also seen a lot of women wearing red color eyeshadow these days which looks stunning.

2. The Rare Mauve

This is not pink neither it is purple…it’s mauve one of the rare shades. Mauve can be another color which you could wear for Valentine’s whether in the form of lipstick or eye makeup. The best part about this color is that it is dressy but not formal and also blends in well with most color outfits like red, white or black. Matte form of a mauve shade would look the best. Mauve color makeup would give a get up to your face in a creative way making you look simple yet trendy. 2. The Rare Mauve

3. Happy Pink

I think pink is one of the happiest and brightest colors of the makeup palette and since it’s time for celebration, wear the happy pink shade. The trend of neon pink lipstick has still not died out because of its brightness and the baby pink eyeshadows are an all time favorite for girls. Hence if you want to break the through the tradition of the Valentine red, a pink shade wouldn’t be an odd color for the occasion.

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