Braid hairstyles are the cutest and the most old-fashioned yet trendy hairstyle. Over the years braids have just been getting more and more fancy and experimental. Right from the typical disciplined school-worn two braids to the elegant braids worn during a red carpet event, braids are a never dying trend. But not to forget braid hairstyles are difficult to execute, hence, we don’t end up seeing it very often. Here are 3 most suitable braid hairstyles that would suit all hair types.

1. Side Braid Hairstyles

Side_braid hairstyle

We think this hairstyle is very elegant and quick to execute. Among all of the braid hairstyles the side braid is definitely our favorite. It makes a girl look simple but at the same time not too under-dressed. It gives an appearance of being ‘simply pretty’ which very few hairstyles can bring out. Be it a thin line of braid or a thick braid, a side braid is defiantly one of a kind giving clearance to your forehead in a fancy way. If you know the basics of making a braid, a side braid wouldn’t be a difficult hairstyle to execute.

2. Back Combed Braid Hairstyles

back-combed-braid hairstyle

Too dressy and difficult to execute, hence, pick this hairstyle for a grand occasion. The back combed braid is the perfect choice for an important occasion like a wedding party. It suits all hair types and looks extremely dressy and pretty. You can either let your hair open falling like a fountain from the back combed braid or tie it into a loose bun. If you have very thin hair a loose bun would be the best option.




3. Fully Tied Low Heighten Braid Hairstyles

A few years back this hairstyle was considered extremely outdated and untrendy. But, recently it has taken a new turn with a messy loosely tied low heighten braid. This hairstyle gives more of a sexy look and goes amazingly well with a casual look. Being the cover photo hairstyle in a lot of magazines and photo shoots this hairstyle is now also worn by a lot of women during grand events suiting them up. The hairstyle is easy to execute if you know the basics of braid making.

Happy Braiding ?

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