The city has been boomed with the festive garba/dandiya nights during the auspicious festival of navratri.However, along with the fun and frolic ,yummy food and tedious dancing the dressing up was definetly not left out of sight.We noticed that navratri is such a festival which has always had a few never-dying make-up trends.

1)The charcoal eyes-Red and black are the signature colours in most of the navratri outfits especially the “cholis”.Eyes are the highlight for any night festive occasion.Hence the matt dark charcoal eyes go best with both the outfit and the occasion.Most people percieve it as “OMG too much “,”overdone”,”scary” but we think it looks absolutely beautiful if done up properly with the use of the right products (afterall smudged eye makeup can be a disaster).We suggest The Maybelline Colossal Kajal Super Black for such a look and occassion avaiable at a discounted rate of Rs 270 on our website.


2) Kajal art– Its only during the season of navratri that we come across woman with art on their face , stomach and hands made of kajal and we think it looks absolutely delicate ,sharp and pretty.We suggest to use a liquid liner instead of a kajal pencil as a kajal pencil might break off if it is pressed hard on your skin.Although be careful with the liquid liner and wait for it to dry.You can try the Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner available at a discounted rate of Rs 682 on our website.


3)Glitter face– “Shine” is always a part of any festival and what would be better than sprinkling glitter on your face to portray that.This is also an everlasting navratri make-up trend and its astonishing how most of the women get it right.The perfect amount of glitter not only looks pretty but also elegant.But if u end up dabbing too much of it on your face it might end up looking messy.


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