Makeup Revolution, a brand by TAM beauty does justice to its name by bringing to us makeup that is revolutionary and beauty enhancing. Makeup Revolution has some very iconic products the most common being it’s eye shadow palettes. But I have noticed that their lipstick collection has some very exclusive shades that would suit the Indian complexion and skin. Hence, don’t miss out on these shades!

1. Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Chauffeur Lipstick

Looking out for a shade somewhere between mauve and brown? This is the right one! Usually shades of brown are ticked off as night wear lipstick but this shade is an exception. It is a metallic nude brown shade with a tinch of mauve making it perfectly suitable for daily wear with a difference. It is packaged in rose gold color intact lipstick case and priced at an affordable price of Rs 249.

2.Ultra Amplification Lipstick Tenacious

Looking out for the perfect maroon shade that would complement your black dress for a late evening outing? This one is an exception! This shade just gives the face such a dressy and exclusive get up because of it being more on the brown tone than the red tone. Although this shade would only go with a completely black dress or a white one as it is a very dark shade and would stand out. The shade is long lasting and priced at an affordable cost of Rs 249.

3. Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick ( Liberty Matte)

Bored of the reds and pinks? Go bold with a shade so exclusive yet familiar! This lipstick is a purple shade with a blend of pink. You might just get confused that is this a purple or an exclusive pink? It is a purplish pink and can be worn mostly for an evening outing. But this shade blends with a very few dress colors especially multi colored dresses. It is long lasting and priced at an affordable cost of Rs 204.

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