When it comes to eye makeup, we tend to focus on our lids, and forget about what really frames our eyes- the eyelashes.

From fun and flirty to dramatic, the way you do your lashes has an impact on how you look, which is why your mascara should be your best friend.

Now there are a lot of different types available, so you could head over to Habbana and buy mascara online. Don’t worry about how you’re going to use it, we’ve got you covered.

  1. The Magic Wand

Here’s a little secret.

It’s not about the formula, it’s about the wand.

The different effects that mascara brands promise are delivered by the shape of the wand and the brush.

If you want thicker lashes, then your mascara should have a thick, bushy brush with shorter bristles that deposit formula to your shorter lashes as well like the L’oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara.

If you need something that curls, then the wand needs to have a curved brush that will lift and bend your lashes slightly.

  1. Warm As Toast

One of the worst things is when you’re applying mascara, and the wand deposits ugly little clumps of the formula on your lashes. To avoid this, take your tube and put it in a cup of warm water for a bit.

This helps liquefy the formula, which makes it easier to use. You won’t have to worry about clumps ever again!

  1. The Twist

When you’re pulling the wand out of the tube, you’re probably pumping it in and out to coat it with the formula.

But all you’re doing is pushing air into the tube, which just makes the mascara clump up and dry out. Instead, twist the wand gently when you’re pulling it out. This way, you’ll also be able to get a thin coating of mascara on all the bristles and avoid overloading your lashes.

  1. Wriggle And Swipe

If you want your lashes to stay curled for a longer time, you should apply a thicker coat of mascara to the base, and a thinner one as you move up.

So wriggle your brush near the base of your lashes to deposit more mascara there, and swipe up to the tips, lightly combing them to avoid clumpy lashes.

  1. Double Team

No one said that you had to use just one kind of mascara.

Want to add volume and curl to your lashes? Start with a swipe of your favourite volumising mascara, and then, for your second coat, use a curling mascara like the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express.

This is a pretty good tip to keep in mind if you’re using a waterproof mascara as well, because those are notoriously difficult to remove. So apply a thin coat of your regular mascara, and then finish with your waterproof one, which will make it last as long as you need it to, and come off easily when you’re removing it.

  1. Powder Power

For thicker lashes, use a cotton bud to dust a little bit of setting powder(or baby powder) on your lashes between your first and second coats of mascara. The powder will stick to your lashes, and once you apply mascara to your powdered lashes, they’ll look all the more voluminous.

  1. What’s Your Angle?

The angle at which you hold your mascara wand can give you a dramatic or an everyday look.

For thicker, fuller lashes, hold your brush horizontally and wriggle it back and forth to coat your lashes in a thick layer of mascara.

For a more natural finish that’ll make your lashes look longer, hold your wand vertically, and use the tips of the brush and gently swipe from the base to the tips.

  1. Brush It Off

If, despite all your precautions you’ve still ended up with clumpy eyelashes, don’t fret.

All you need to do is grab a new toothbrush, and gently comb through your lashes with it. The bristles will pick up all the excess mascara and separate the lashes that were stuck together, so you’ll end up with gorgeous, fanned out lashes.

  1. Lower The Wand

Don’t forget about your lower lashes!

The only way to really finish your look, especially for a smoky eye is to make sure you apply your mascara on the lower lashes as well. Apply the thinnest coat you can with a gentle swipe, or even just touching the tip of your mascara wand lightly to your lower lashes.

  1. Avoid The Smear Campaign

Accidents happen, especially when you’re applying mascara.

If you’ve managed to get a little bit of mascara on your lids or anywhere else on your face, don’t panic. Wait for the mascara to dry, then use a cotton bud on the dried mascara to gently flake it off. This way you’ll avoid the smearing that happens when you try to remove wet mascara.

And there you have it; 10 simple tips that will make sure that your lashes are always on point. You can now get ready in a jiffy!

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